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Do you want to know how to reduce your energy consumption?

RUMM-USA is an innovative company specialising in energy management software and systems which are continually being updated and developed for energy management by energy managers. This is a distinction from the majority of software in this area that have been developed form an IT perspective.  RUMM’S energy managers provide the input into the development based upon what they need to provide the best service for their customers.

If you are a commercial or industrial consumer then RUMM-USA can help you understand the costs, legislation and opportunities for cost and energy reductions open to you. Moreover they will help you deliver real energy and cost reductions and, for a lot of organisations, represent the best energy management option as they bring expertise and people to your site to help.

Their recent participation at the Forge Fair Trade show has been a huge success for RUMM-USA LLC. The forging and heat treatment community has shown a lot of interest in the RUMM process and technology which can assist the sector in reducing energy consumption and costs.

At a time when energy consumption, and its effective and efficient management, is high on everyone’s agenda in the manufacturing industry – RUMM was able to show how its processes can help you to Reduce Energy consumption.

IMG 0131 e1430149827751 Forge Fair Trade show – proves an enormous success

Don’t Delay Contact Rumm Today and we will Help You reduce Your Business Energy Consumption

Rumm have a wide range of Energy Management Systems in order to save you money.

RUMM’s Energy Management systems that helps you:

Conform to the CRC EES (Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme) legislation
Maintain your current position with the CCA (Climate Change Agreement) and EU ETS (European Union Emissions Trading Scheme)
Achieve site wide visualisation, reporting, analysis, benchmarking & alarming across one/multiple sites
Clearly demonstrate corporate responsibility
Significantly reduce your utility consumption and associated costs

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