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Enjoy summer with a home make over

Squibbs of London cover interior and exterior painting and decorating services. From tiling and wallpapering to repainting and plastering.

As with all our services we are happy for our customers to supply materials if they wish to do so. Our own suppliers offer a wide variety of paints and other materials.

Should you require custom colours we are happy to have those mixed especially for you. Or if you are looking for tiles we will source them too.  As always we offer quality and personal finishes.

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Property Maintenance London

This week we were called out to Epsom.  Our client had issues in the bathroom and our Handyman Services London were on hand to assist.  The bath was leaking in four different places and the shower was balanced on lose bricks. In addition to that the grout and mastic needed replacing.

We build a support system for the shower which now makes it safe to use again.  The old grout and mastic were removed and replaced. Happy to report that after a thorough clear up our client finally had a safe, fully functioning bathroom.

Over 20 years ago Steve Squibb started up on his own, with a small family business which focuses on the individual needs of the client. Throughout the years the business has been expanded to include all aspects of property maintenance including building works ranging from small projects to extensive refurbishments and rebuilds. of London cover interior and exterior painting and decorating services in the following areas: Painting & Decorating London, Painting & Decorating Esher, Painting & Decorating Kingston upon Thames,Painting & Decorating Putney.

From tiling and wallpapering to repainting and plastering, refurbishing and restoring. Contact us today for more information on Painting & Decorating Richmond Upon Thames, Painting & Decorating Sheen, Painting & Decorating Wimbledon, Carpentry & Joinery Kingston upon Thames, Carpentry & Joinery Putney, Carpentry & Joinery Esher, Carpentry & Joinery Sheen, Carpentry & Joinery LondonCarpentry & Joinery Wimbledon and Carpentry & Joinery Richmond Upon Thames

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