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Baby’s vibrant quilted playmat

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Spend a superb summers day in the park with your baby giggling and reaching for a butterfly is this beautiful, soft and vibrant quilted playmat. Your baby’s tummy time can be fun and stimulating whilst the adults chat and picnic without having to entertain your baby constantly.

This playmat is a good size: dimensions – H90 x W70cm and made in the UK from 100% Cotton, wadding and water resistant base lining.

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Inspire your child’ s imagination

Get lost in the moment of time when you were a child and went camping with your parents. Keep your kids busy for hours on end, set up a picnic and they will feel like they are camping in the comfort of your home. Inspire your child’ s imagination with a game of hide and seek and relive your childhood memories of camping.

Childs play is such fun with this bright, spacious and easy to set up teepee is a must this summer making it a great gift for kids.

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